Listening to conferences, watching movies, reading books, and meeting people in a similar situation, helped me significantly to move forward with my different life projects, the challenges I set to myself, weather academic or professional. Knowing that people in much more prekeerious situations, were able to accomplish their dreams, their personal objectives, to live their lives to the fullest, inspired me to do the same.


I hope that in sharing my experiences, the various challenges I have overcome throughout the phases of my life, what they have taught me, and how those lessons have supported and helped me that you will be inspired to find your unique vision to see where you want to go ; to see that you can— regardless of what others tell you. NoBlink© is the platform to bridge our experiences to support you in crossing your finish line.


Sharing my experiences to :


– Encourage and motivate my audience to dream… and so they can make their dreams come true;

– Raise awareness and understanding to destigmatize how visual handicaps are perceived;

– Inspire people to see how they can use their struggles as a force to move forward; and

– Describe my vision of success, which is more than simply reaching our objectives, and includes all that was required in the process — all the lessons learned.