Themes & subjects

I develop my speeches around the lessons learned throughout my life.


Using this central approach enables me to focus on four themes :


  1. Life Experiences
  2. Studies
  3. Sports
  4. Integration/Inclusion.


The themes can be treated individually or in combination, as best addresses the goal(s) and objective(s) for your event and audience.


My core values illustrate each theme and connect to the message that best serves your interests. These five values provided the core that supported me to work through the varioius challenges I’ve confronted throughout the different phases of my life. Similar to the manner that the themes are used, I can incorporate all the core values in one intervention or focus on one. My five core values are:


  1. Resilience
  2. Adaptation/Agility
  3. Accepting support from our surroundings
  4. Communication
  5. Trust.


This structure allows me to partner with you to customize a concrete and coherent speech that will meet the needs of your program and participants.

Types of offerings

Depending on your needs, I offer different engagements :.

– Motivational Talk: A talk of 20 to 30 minuts whose aim is to raise awareness, encorage, motivate, inspire, the audiance in a dynamic way. The speech is concluded with a Q&A session.


– Conference: From 60  to 90 minuts, a conference focusses on motivating or raising awareness and does so by enabling interactive exchange with the audiance. A conference is concluded with a Q&A session.


– Workshop: From half day to one full day, a workshop’s objective is to approche the themes through activities which put the participents in a variety of situations and takes them out of their confort zone. The exchange happens at a more personal level.

For who ?

Noblink’s ability to tailor talks creates a message that serves not one type of audience, but all. Whether  for students, from primary to university, for all size business’s group or team, for members of associations or foundations, I offer my services to all.